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Eddie Conard, a well established musician, producer and coach will help you explore the secrets of your personal rhythm and how to become aware and listen to the rhythm within yourself. In a Rhythm Awareness workshop you won’t need drums but an open mind to discover the richness that will give you a new way to enjoy your work individually and in team situations with a philosophical but fun view of how to look at rhythm. You’ll leave inspired and with a smile on your face whether you have any musical background or not, because rhythm is inside everyone. Sessions can be 30 minutes for a condensed version touching the basics or a longer session of an hour. Special sessions of 2 hours with more intense explanation and active workshops are also possible. Larger groups will be split into smaller ones and at the end of the session they’ll be working together. Company themes can also be included and egg shakers with the company’s logo or name can also be provided as a souvenir for the employees to keep. It’s important to know some weeks before hand for ordering. 

Discover your personal rhythm

In the beginning you will discover how to notice your rhythm by becoming aware via the basics elements like breathing, listening and feeling. Getting you to become aware of your surroundings and grasping little details so that you may not notice in your daily routine.

Listen and learn

Listen to how you and others walk, talk and move in general and learn how to pace in a new way to get the best out of yourself and still feel energetic throughout the day.

Make team work easier

Enjoy the way you work as a team by extending your rhythmic paces and creating an  effective way of achieving your tasks with better and in most cases faster results. Time will pass and you’ll grow stronger as a team in the process.

Revitalize the way you live

You will start and end your day feeling in a harmonious vibe and the rhythm within yourself will not only change the way you work but also how you live your life and revitalize all your senses. You will hear, feel, touch, taste and even see with a different meaning and realize how much of an important role rhythm plays in your life. It’s a stress free experience.

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